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EU komissio hakee EDEN fasilitaattoreita työskentelemään EDEN -verkoston hyväksi. Alla komission alkuperäinen hakuilmoitus.

Asiasta kiinnostuneet ottakaa yhteyttä työ- ja elinkeinoministeriön erikoisasiantuntija Lea Häyhään.

Lea Häyhä
Erityisasiantuntija – matkailu
Työ- ja elikeinoministeriö
Ratakatu 3, PL 32
puh.. 010 606 2143
mob.050-413 5517
email: lea.hayha (at) tem.fi


Dear Friends,

as some of you might already know, the Tourism Unit is consering the possibility to seek for_ a professional facilitator_ who could be ask to assist the_ EDEN Network_ on a period of at least one year.

The EDEN Network is the network of the 52 winning destinations of the project European Destinations of Excellence. It’s final aim is to create sinergies among those destinations and promote the exchange of good practices at European level in the field of sustainable tourism, with a focus on non traditional destinations. More information on EDEN can be found on the webportal: www.edenineurope.eu

The main task of the facilitator would be to help you to define_ an effective internal structure_ for the network and_ to work on few but relevant issues_ of common interest (for example, branding of small destinations).

The members of the network have already been asked about their expectations with regards to the support this facilitator could provide them. As a result, the majority among them have express their wish to be assisted in the following fields:

– establishing EDEN as a brand
– designing strategies for marketing emerging destinations
– structuring an effective exchange of good practice
– creating potential joint tourism products
– participating in EU call for proposals or other projects / making best use of EU resources
– seeking the support of the National Tourism Offices for promotional activities We will be launching a call for expression of interests beginning of next year. We would like to address 3 – 5 experts. Therefore we would be grateful if you could help us finding potential candidates.

The person we are looking forward should meet at minimum the_ following requirements_:
– good command of English and preferably of at least another EU language
– good skills in writing and communication
– knowledge of the EU policies on tourism
– experience/knowledge in the field of advertising, branding and marketing tourism
– organisational skills
Please be so kind as to send us your proposal* by Monday** 14th
December.* Proposals should be submitted with a CV of the potential candidate for a first selection by the Commission services.



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